List of features

Nuad Thao

The Nuad Thao is a form of reflexology developed in Thailand. It comes from the old form of reflexology was born there in China more than 3000 years BC. It is quite different from reflexology known in the West, to the extent that it incorporates massage techniques borrowed from Nuad Bo Ran. Specifically, the Nuad Thao is a Chinese reflexology technic associated with different manual technics own healing to Thailand. The Nuad Thao is based on the principle that the area from the feet to the calves includes specific points corresponding to different organs of the human body. The diagnosis and treatment of pain and diseases are by stimulating these specific points of the feet, legs and calves. It is the same for stimulating the vital energy in the body. Nuad Thao requires the use of specific essential oils of mint or camphor.

Nuad Lang

Unique techniques of Thai massage is used to relieve chronic muscle tension and pain in areas that are most in need. Excellent massage for those who have little time and in severe pain.

Nuad Bo Rar’n

Born of Buddhism, from Shiatsu and Yoga, the Indian and Chinese origin, it is done on the ground by manual pressures on the points and energy lines of the body called « SEN ». The combos stretching stimulate the muscles, increase flexibility, replenish and restore physical and psychological benefit. By strong pressure accurately by the thumbs, knees and feet of the masseuse, the traditional Thai massage soothes the accumulation of stress, nerve and muscle tension by getting a feeling of intense well-being.
Qualified dynamic massage, however it is not recommended for heart patients and pregnant women.

Nuad Nam Man

With the « Nuad Nam Man », the whole body is involved. A series of flowing movements and deep pressure will soothe you. A true moment of exception, it provides unsurpassed relaxation. The aromas released by the essential oils complement its relaxing effect.

Nuad Pra Kob

A mixture of aromatic plants and essential oils collected in a cotton pouch that is applied light pressure on the muscles and areas of tension. True anti-stress treatment, it soothes muscle pain and promotes blood circulation.